Assessment for Music Competition
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Assessment for Music Competition

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While you're preparing for your upcoming competition, whether it's your first community competition ever, or a world-class competition facing contestants from all over the world, you might want to have some extra comments from the field professionals aside from your own teacher, who are also very professional and know you need well.

Having a second option with experience gives you objective feedback on your playing and how you can do better, as well as what these professionals see in you, possibly some talents of yourself that you might have never thought of?

Are you ready to face critics from field professionals who had years of experience as a performing artist and competition jury? 

Let the KALOS team matches you with the most suitable Creator according to your situation and get you the best advice you need at this moment of your journey!

Submit a video recording (15/30 mins*) of your performance.
You will get the comments and advice within one week.
*For video recording longer than 30 mins, please book multiple sessions.

Creator:  Certified Professional Creators Specially Matched by KALOS 

Subject: Any Classical Music Instrumental Studies
Level: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

Language: English
Format: Video 

How It Works 

  1. Upon successful purchase of this course, you will get a Receipt with a link to our Submission System.
  2. Fill in the information required and upload your video.
  3. You get receive the Assessment results within one week after successful upload.
  4. Contact us anytime if further support is needed.