Piano Assessment - Peter Bortfeldt
Peter Bortfeldt

Piano Assessment - Peter Bortfeldt

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Get professional advice for competition, audition, and examination, or just a regular review of your own progress.
Submit a video recording (15/30 mins*) of your performance.
You will get the comments and advice within one week.
*For video recording longer than 30 mins, please book multiple sessions.

Creator:  Peter Bortfeldt

Subject:  Piano Accompaniment
Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

Language: English, German, Dutch

Format: Video

How It Works 

  1. Upon successful purchase of this course, you will get a Receipt with a link to our Submission System.
  2. Fill in the information required and upload your video.
  3. You get receive the Assessment results within one week after successful upload.
  4. Contact us anytime if further support is needed.