Frequently Asked Questions

For Member

Musicians, musicpreneurs, educators, students and music lovers who want to participate and contribute to music will enjoy being on KALOS.

KALOS offers personalized experience in creative education and engagement. You can explore and study specific topics taught by an international faculty of subject experts according to your own interests, needs and preferences.

Routine is comforting regularity we can count on for progress. Being a member allows KALOS to be your daily companion who encourages you and offers you guidance and support for improvement.

KALOS keeps track of your progress and maintains an updated record of your achievement and experience, which you could turn into a CV or digital portfolio for your school or job interview.

KALOS welcomes members as young as 9.

Consent by parents or legal guardians is needed for members aged 13 or below.

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You can subscribe our newsletter for free.

With the subscription of a membership, which is only US$5/month (and FREE at the launching stage!!), you will gain full access to member’s content, be eligible to apply for courses and start building up your personal profile at Kalos.

Please see the Membership page for details.

KALOS and it’s partners offer scholarship, sponsorship and financial aid to those in need. You can check the latest offer on Kalories or
contact us directly for details.

KALOS accepts payment via PayPal and major credit cards.

In case you have a discount code, please enter in appropriate space during checkout.

You can cancel your membership plan anytime.

Please note that you will lose all KALOS benefits (access to the courses, member's rewards, etc.) once your current billing cycle ends.

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For Creator

Artists, educators, subject experts and industry professionals can apply to be a Creator and share their knowledge and expertise on KALOS.

Please contact us for details.

You can offer online teaching and assessment services, create video courses, hosting workshops, seminars, podcasts of your expertise.

You can also support other members as a mentor, advisor, adjudicator, speaker and writer, whatever fits your time and interests.

We will arrange an interview with you and have it featured on KALORIES. We will also put up promotion of your courses on our social media channels and send it directly to our members via email.

You can amplify the effect by sharing the interview and promotion materials on your channels as well.

A designated manager will guide you through the entire process from building to billing.

We will also send you the Creator's Guide covering all details of your business on KALOS for your easy reference.

In case you need extra support on content development, promotion, production or any other aspect on your work flow, you can contact us anytime.

It is free to be a CREATOR on KALOS.

We only receive a percentage to cover our effort and payment processing fee once you start earning. You can refer to the Creator's Guide for details.

Your fees will be secured once a member confirms his/her order and will be credited into your account within 4 weeks upon completion or delivery.

Many of our creators offer services to other creators and institutions, for example, as guest lecturer, resident artist, examiner, competition jury and so on.

Please let us know if you are open to such opportunities and we will contact you when something matching your offers comes up.