KALOS bridges passion,
skills and career.


To the surging demand for personalized experience

KALOS is an OMO (online-merge-offline) platform providing a unique set of solutions enabled by the latest technology in response to the surging demand for personalized experience in creative education and engagement.

Students, young professionals as well as enthusiastic learners seeking continuous education will find the best possible guidance and support on KALOS.

Members of KALOS can attend courses and events according to their goals and preferences. They can connect with and seek advice from an international network of subject experts, track and assess their own progress, share their profile for study and make connections to future career opportunities.

KALOS generates social and financial values for the creative ecosystem by facilitating the communication, cooperation and transaction between creators, members and businesses in any location with digital tools, market intelligence and shared resources.

Our MTP*

KALOS, as rooted in Kaleidoscope, means Beautiful, Noble and Virtuous.

We envision a world where all humans can flourish.

KALOS offers a sustainable space for individual’s talents to be nurtured and employed so everyone can contribute to the community, enjoy the rewards and live a fulfilling life.

*Massive Transformative Purpose

Our Mission

To empower individuals with knowledge and industry connections

To establish and protect personal IP

To facilitate exchange and mutually beneficial collaborations

To cultivate future audience and customers

To create the value network and a sustainable ecosystem for music and arts