Mentorship for Singers
Josef Protschka

Mentorship for Singers

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Mentorship for Singers

What can be better than having a mentor to guide you for a breakthrough in your career?
Josef Protschka is a lieder and operatic vocalist with an extensive repertoire. He has appeared regularly at the most important opera houses in Europe and America for more than 30 years. He is also a professor for voice and interpretation since the mid-90s and a demanded judge in prestigious voice competitions around the world.

The key point of Josef Protschka's teaching is to discover the maximum of individual vocal sound, to develop a solid technical base analysing quickly potential problems and all these with the goal to increase the ability of colourful expressivity and convincing emotionally touching performances.

"Vocal Technique and High Artistic level
- never one without the other!
The combination of both during the vocal education through my teaching is my trade mark." - Josef Protschka

Creator:  Josef Protschka 
Subject:  Voice
Level: Professional

Language: English, German, Italian
Format: Online, Live


How It Works 

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  3. You will then receive a Booking Confirmation with a link to the Virtual Classroom, and additional information from the Creator (if there is any).
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  5. Enjoy your course (and contact us anytime if further support is needed).

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