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Pianist Aster Lai was born and raised in Hong Kong. She studied at the Vienna Conservatory in Austria before making her home in Toronto, Canada in 1977. Since then Aster has established a name for herself, not only as child pedagogue specialist but as a passionate and inspiring teacher who cares for each of her students and their families like her own.


Aster’s Music House, founded in 1983 by Aster, has become a centre for talented young pianists. In additional to teaching students, she has also mentored numerous teachers and influenced other internationally acclaimed pianists aspiring to teach with her successful method. Over the years, Aster has produced numerous award winning students including first prize winners from national and international competitions such as the Canadian Music Competition, Chopin International Piano Competition in Hartford (CT) USA, Concours Musical de France, Manchester International Concerto Competition, the American Protege International Competition of Romantic Music and the Bradshaw and Buono International Competition. Aster was honoured to receive a “Certificate of Appreciation” from Senator Victor Oh in recognition of her significant contributions to the musical education of young Canadians for over 30 years.


Aster’s success as a pedagogue has become world renowned as she continues to mentor other teachers and students, many of whom travel from overseas to study with her in Toronto. She has given master classes in numerous places including Vienna, Italy, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Gulangyu, China. As a pianist, Aster is known for her meltingly warm tone, a quality which she has passes onto her numerous student.


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