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KALOS is a music platform that drives your growth and share your talents with the world.

KALOS Creators are award-winning musicians, professors of globally recognised music schools, and world-renowned conductors, instrumentalists, composers, producers, and more. 

Start learning from the world’s most accomplished musicians today.

Choose from 100+ masterclasses and courses
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KALOS is here to support your personal growth and career development every step of the way.

Find the best programmes, workshops, exam preparation tools and consultations to suit your every goal.

Assessment: Prepare for auditions, competitions, and examinations with feedback and guidance from world-renowned music professionals who know exactly what it takes to succeed.

Live Course & Video Course: Hone your skills in conducting, composition, music theory, piano, voice, strings, wind instruments, music therapy, and so much more - either in live classes or pre-recoreded learn-at-your-own-pace videos.

Career Coaching and Community Support: We would love to accompany you at every stage of your music journey. We will keep track of your personal growth and connect you to the right people and opportunities at the right time.


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Do you want to share your passion, knowledge and experience with a global audience?

Transform your passion and knowledge into a sustainable online business... and giving back to aspiring musicians all aorund the world.

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KALOS, as rooted in kaleidoscope, offers a unique music education experience for both members and creators around the world.

Our content is designed to help you nurture your passion for music. Focusing on in-demand music knowledge, skills, and instruments, our courses range from performance and practice techniques… to composing and arrangements… to career consultations and audition preparation.

As a member, you get to pick up a new instrument, hone your skills in another, prepare for examinations with world-renowned musicians, get into the top music schools and jobs, and connect with other music lovers out there.

As a creator, you get to facilitate a unique learning experience, share your passion and knowledge, gain access to other world-renowned musicians, give back to aspiring musicians everywhere, and turn your love for music into a sustainable, thriving business.

We hope that KALOS becomes a place YOU can call home.